I understand that many projects have been locked in as a result of a choice made in the past.

However, it makes little sense to me to see new, interesting projects to opt for while there are less unethical code hosting platforms out there.

@dimitrisk The majority of people has a github account, if you want to get them involved, you need to be there.


@gcrkrause I get your point. However, we have this discussion on the fediverse instead of twitter or facebook, after having found an instance and created a new account here, while most people just use the big social platforms.

Let's say now that you are a contributor and you feel that there is a contradiction between making foss and using github. How much of a burden is to create a new account?

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@dimitrisk lets imagine users want to file an issue. They are pretty diversive, some might just not understand how another platform works, some might rely on special accessibility tools... Now imagine some devs, who earn some money each month with github sponsors, who cannot effort to rent their own infrastructure... I guess the effort is quite low in the average but high in the median

@gcrkrause @dimitrisk Honestly? There is also new account fatigue for some of us. Like, I get it that this part of the web is decentralized, but I'm also tired of creating new accounts. An ideal would be to pipe the 2 together while encouraging others use more ethical alternatives. And, of course, accessibility needs. Big tech is far, far, better about that than most would care to admit.

@weirdwriter yes, this is an important thing as well, thank you for the addition! Real decentralisation requires using of a service without creating an account there. I guess mailing patches kind of solves this issue, but its a workflow barely anyone supports and is slightly harder to lern than filing a merge request. @dimitrisk

@gcrkrause @dimitrisk granted, it’s much easier to delete accounts over here than it is on the mainstream, but just the sheer notion of keeping up with multiple accounts, really does not appeal to me at all like it used to. Maybe this comes from weeks of me trying to delete myself from the mainstream web, and old services I used to use but no longer use. It’s really made me change my view on having multiple accounts just to use a new service.

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