Is there any flashcards application that works well on ? I have tried both anki and parley but unfortunately none of them seems usable on mobile.

@dimitrisk Checked my list of educational applications. Mnemosyne works on several systems including Linux and Android. toMOTko has ports to various systems including some phones. jMemorize is written in Java so might be easy to port to platforms that support Java.

Thanks! Have you tried any of these on a mobile device running linux?

@dimitrisk Sorry. Haven't tried them myself. They're from a list of educational software I help maintain.

@dimitrisk Have you tried out #Logseq which has cards support integrated as well as an Anki plugin?

@dimitrisk Older Anki was somewhat okay on Phosh with scale-to-fit. Mnemosyne seems to be worse, its windows are wider by default.

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