Cypriot coffee… yum, but please hold the racism.

This is simply not acceptable.

(Laikon Kafekopteion – People’s Coffee Grinding – Nicosia, Cyprus.)

#racism #cyprus #laikon #coffee


On top of that, the coffee nationalism :P Cypriots, Turks, Serbians and Greeks (among others ?) call the exact same type of coffee Cypriot, Turkish, etc... :)

@dimitrisk Meh, I’m ok with that :) The racism, not so much.

@dimitrisk (I mean, I’m ok with whatever anyone wants to call the coffee. Not with the nationalism bit. Happy to drink a Cypriot coffee in Cyprus, a Greek coffee in Greece and a Turkish coffee in Turkey, even if they’re all essentially the same thing.) :)

@aral @dimitrisk greeks vs. turks, it kind of is racism. old wounds, istanbul was once constantinople

@zens @dimitrisk My parents are Turkish, I had a Cypriot coffee a few days ago in Paphos. I’m ok with it is what I’m saying ;)

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