Conference organizers are free to choose the tools they like to do the job.

However, tools matter and the medium is part of the message. The adoption of proprietary tools and a platform that has censored academics does send a message, but a wrong one.

@dimitrisk Btw LibrePlanet 2021 had a cute little 8bit arcade-game-like space for us all to wonder around in as people, cats, or catpeople! With builtin in-browser videoconferencing!

That bit of fun often seems to be missing...

@dimitrisk EFF conferences are streamed via I attended to one of the conferences, and was literally forced to create an account in Twitch in order to comment/interact. Why not something like Owncast? I called my account hate_twitch_owncast_rocks.

Since then, I don't take EFF too seriously.
@dimitrisk Wow, zoom and slack. Open Source is heading a strange direction.


Note though that I was a fervent defendor of #BigBlueButton until I learned that it apparently can't be installed on anything but Ubuntu.

@Iutech I am quite confident that in a university there is enough human power and technical knowledge to find the free software platforms bundle that fit their needs before adopting zoom+slack. There is just a single prerequisite: the will to do so.

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