Next week, a group of Greek tech cooperatives organize an online event on "technology and best practices on social and solidarity economy".

The event will be on zoom and you have to register using Google forms.

The contradiction is obvious. I wonder if it is worth using these platforms in order to participate and talk about "best practices". I have not made up my mind yet.


@dimitrisk I would understand to use platforms like Twitter or Facebook for spreading the message, but not for hosting the event.
A different approach would be also a great opportunity to make attendees to be more familiar with other services.
I think.

@tachan Exactly! With the current approach, a non tech savvy user will come to a conclusion that the google-zoom bundle, is "best practice" or, at least, not harmful.

@dimitrisk imho they have not yet reached the mental level to understand how the corporate platforms contribute to the monopoly and they prefer their ease than an ethical change. Their main concern is how to make SSE economically sustainable and they fail to see the whole picture.

@meneksedia Some years ago I had a long discussion with one of the event speakers during a conference in Crete. I can remember that we shared many concerns for digital rights and the impact of big tech. Since then, things may have changed, dunno...

IMO, the "ease of use" argument does not apply to a tech SSE coop. I am pretty sure that they have access to a Nextcloud instance for the forms thing as well as to a Jitsi server, or whatever.

With the examples given recently by big FLOSS conferences and with all available alternatives, I consider that, no, this is no longer acceptable

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