Just found out that Flym, the Android feed reader I have been using for many years, is not supported anymore.

I have started looking for alternatives. Any suggestion?

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TBH I was looking for a server-less solution, but Nextcloud is not a problem for me.

Since I am not familiar with Nextcloud News: does it support full article text extraction (e.g. using sth like Readability, or similar)?

@dimitrisk actually is multi-services rss client... You can use like any other RSS App ( the plus for me is NC News support )


Installed and configured with Nextcloud.

First impressions:

+ Fast
+ Feed grouping (works also after import)

- Full article fetch not working on many feeds that worked on Flym
- No option -at least on client- to disable article images
- No option to increase the font size of the article text

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