Is #FediLab done? The developer recently deleted their mastodon and GitHub accounts.

If it is done, I hope the developer has success with their next endeavour


In the last break in 2020, his father had died of corona. There was also a long silence. Then I don't suspect anything good either...

@mondstern Yes, I remember that. It's pretty sad, I hope he is okay.

@dimitrisk @mondstern Thanks for the context, I have attached a screenshot in case that gets removed.

@JotaSeth @mondstern @liaizon @dansup @dimitrisk @random I think we should respect his decision and reasons, and the problems are clear. We need to be more inclusive in our talks and interaction on the net as it effects people in the real world with serious effects. Disagreeing is human but hating or slam dunking wouldn't solve anything. May he be alright going forward

@dimitrisk @dansup @mondstern

I'm sorry you got so much bother from it. Thank you for doing what you did to stand up against censorship.

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