I was reading in the news a post of a respectable progressive journalist. It was full of taunt and arrogance. Really weird.

A friend told me: it's not him, it's his facebook persona, he is good at it, such posts go viral.

I get your point, participate in the "public discourse", be at the places where people talk, share your opinion. But these platforms have been designed to capture attention and be addictive. To be listened to, you have to become another person. Is it worth it?

It doesn't matter :) IMHO, the way the public discourse works on centralized, for-profit platforms would wreck even the best intentions.

@dimitrisk IMHO it can be explained with the phrase "the end justifies the means". It certainly is not acceptable in every case, but being in the process of migrating into the #fediverse from heavy use of #Facebook, I have been exposed to the following question: "Is it better to gather up few decent fellows into an unknown platform or stay and try to make a difference into the wide accepted corporate platform?". So if the journalist is fighting the good fight, then a 'persona' is fine with me.

I get your point but l consider the "end justifies the means" a slippery slope. On top of that, the improvement of the public discourse is among the goals of the movement.

@dimitrisk A very slippery slope indeed. But on the other hand you need to have a presence on the other side of the river. E.g. if you are a non smoker and only hang out in non-smoking places with non-smoking people, you will never reach the smokers in any way. Being among the smokers as a non-smoker or ex-smoker (even better) you might have an ear or two who will be interested to hearing you out. Final though: I wish I learned about #fediverse from #Facebook, cool poaching tactics mode: ON 😅

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