Now that is a thing, a touch friendly, foss, linux-on-mobile player, connecting the federation of the peertube servers with the mobile user, is looking for potential authors and maintainers.

@lps According to my own interpretation of its description - I don't speak French :) - I thought it had an academic scope. So, it supports searching against multiple peertube instances? I will certainly give it a try, thanks.

@dimitrisk let me look the developer of @fedilab put out the beta apk just recently which is in english. The updated Tubelab app should now be on fdroid but it doesn't seem to be for me either. I'm using the beta now.

I'll see if I can find the status and include it here .. 5 min.

@dimitrisk @fedilab here's a link to the status. This version works in english, the fdroid is in french though this apk was supposed to be pushed to fdroid.

The apk download link is in this status.

@dimitrisk I'm confused by this as well, although the Beta is a blank slate with the ability to pick a home instance as well.

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