Α monumental moment of convergence.

I was testing Plasma Phone Book on my desktop when I realized that my Nextcloud contacts had been synchronized.

First, I thought that I had added
my NC account into the "Online Accounts" in Plasma Settings. But that was not the case.

Looking into ~/.local/share I found out that it was the KDE Connect plugin that synched the contacts from my mobile (where DAVx5 was doing the job).

@dimitrisk Wait, what? Don't you need to configure KDE Connect to do that? Where are those contacts stored on your PC anyway? As in, in which program and in what format?


On Android side, you should have enabled the "Contacts Synchronizer" in the Plugin settings.

On your Linux Desktop, look at the ~/.local/share/kpeoplevcard/kdeconnect-*/ directory.

It seems that KDE Connect via the KPeople VCard Backend does the job.

Format is vCard; so, Plasma Mobile's Phone Book that speaks vcard shows the contacts.

@dimitrisk Awesome! Now I just need Plasma Phonebook to get a first release so I can move it from postmarketOS to Alpine and I can actually run it on my PC without locally-compiled stuff 😄

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