Just read this:

Regarding Plasma Mobile, it is mentioned that one of the reasons of not being selected for is that it is based on .

That's not 100% accurate. Plasma Mobile is an ecosystem that consists of a mobile shell, frameworks and Kirigami applications. It does use libhybris and Halium for devices shipped with Android. But it is not based on it. E.g the pinephone KDE Neon image, the postmarketos one, and the Neon x86_64 image don't use Halium.

@dimitrisk I found it funny that they also used activity to qualify @ubports as a almost dead project because it has only 19 commits. The repo only contains a README and is used as meta repo.

@dimitrisk The more I read about it and the more I think the author didn't know that they are talking about. Similar to GNOME, the KDE community is a huge supporter of Free Software. KDE e.V. and the FSFE shared their office during years, and all our software is licensed under (L)GPL and we only run free software on our servers.

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