Does anyone have experience using #Google Classroom with #Linux?

My son is going to be expected to use it for Kindergarten. Need to know if I can get away with buying him a Linux laptop, or if I will be forced into a chromebook of some sort.

@matt It is *expected* to buy into the Google ecosystem in Kindergarten now? God, what have we become?
I know nobody wants to hear that, but seriously, where does this corporate big data nonsense stop?
To force children into a dependency with a humongous and de facto unregulated corporation like Google (or amazon or Apple for that matter) should be illegal.


Instead of being illegal, I wouldn't be surprised if accompanied with statements like "Provided by a great corporation with the greatest engineers in the world that has created an excellent software, bla bla bla..."

@dimitrisk @pinguin I trust my current employer to be more privacy focused and respecting than Google, and I still don't trust my current employer either

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