Let's say that you are a big organization and you are going to name your new cool cross platform UI framework.

The chosen name conflicts with another open source framework for the same purpose.

1. You did not perform a web search before naming

2. You did, you found it, and said "who cares?"


Obviously this escalated (too) quickly in the comments, but I find Microsoft's handling of the issue to be particularly appalling 🙄

Flagging even constructive criticism & discussions as off-topic/spam is not cool.

@fribbledom I On top of that, I may jump to conclusions too early, but: reading the comments so far, I find the kde-maui pro comments as very mature and bearing valid arguments, in contrast with the poor quality of many of the ms pro comments.

@dimitrisk @fribbledom I mean, one would think that they learned from the gvfs disaster a few months ago, but doesn't seem like that's the case…

@sheogorath Probably, if you are too big you can't "learn your lesson"; you can only give lessons...

@dimitrisk @fribbledom To be fair the constructive comments they have marked as off-topic were responses to Dan Siegel.

The most offputting thing to me about it was the response from MS that "This has been through legal review". My dude, this is not about legalities.

@carl @dimitrisk @fribbledom Ahh wait no, I think I'm misreading. It's showing the "now" date marker where in the timeline we are... Which is during the period of time when the trademark is registered.

@dimitrisk I could just about forgive ignoring the linux distro, but turning a blind eye to another framework that does the same thing is obnoxious.

Their response so far has been

"the official legal name is .NET Multi-platform App UI and MAUI is an acronym, code name. This has been through legal review."

It is being called MAUI everywhere.

Also 'it got through legal' appears to be a way to bend reality at Microsoft.

(also note in my image the relevant google doodle...)


So, according to ms what's legal, it is ethical as well :)

PS. The google doodle is hilarious

@dimitrisk censorship seems to be very common on Microsoft's GitHub projects.

@dimitrisk See also: kik (the one that started the leftpad fiasco)

@dimitrisk they did this with gvfs as well, which is starting to make me just a little bit suspicious


Well, now it's getting interesting:

MAUI is a registered trademark of Blue Systems (which employs a bunch of KDE developers) in the EU.

@dimitrisk Pretty sure when Google did this with Go, they picked
3) We have more money and lawyers that that guy

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