Yes we can do without . I spent three days in Brussels for with a phone without gapps, using osmand public transport navigation; it worked perfectly for me. Many thanks to the osmand developers and the community.

I didn't know it did public transport navigation! Does it calculate routes and know the schedules? In Brussels? That's epic. I use OsmAnd for driving, but I never saw it know times for public transport. Perhaps doesn't work in PT yet..

@stevenroose @dimitrisk Check out Transportr!

Unfortunately it doesn't have any information for me here, but I blame the local transit companies for not making their GTFS feeds publicly accessible.
last time I used it in Brussels it had the metro, but not the bus. Same in Berlin: metro and suburban trains, but no bus and trams. And anyway, it was without schedules. Which for the metro is good enough honestly. Ways to go, but for a lot of use cases it's great already.



I used only bus and tram and it worked flawlessly; without providing arrival times, but because of the plenty of alternatives and frequency of itineraries it did not bother me. Though, schedules would be nice indeed.

@dimitrisk I use my phone exactly like that. And it really works. The only problem I see with #openstreetmap is that quite often street numbers are missing, so sometimes I need to check somewhere else the real location for some addresses (sometimes using Google 🙈)


Every street numbers on Brussels are in openstreetmap, because there are a big community of user.
But yes, It's not the same in every area/country


@dimitrisk LineageOS is still using Google software tho. Been using SailfishOS on a OnePlus One as a daily driver for 4+ years here, no android software except for driver compatibility layer.

But the -almost- blob free hardware is already here, with a vibrant , community driven, software ecosystem around it. So, the best is coming :)

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