I was thinking of upgrading to plus. But there is still missing an important part. Although they ve released the source code of the web client, the android app and the desktop bridge are still closed. Probably they have their reasons for not doing so. But e2e encryption without an end client that you truly control implies that you totally trust the app provider. This is a contradiction of e2e philosophy, designed to offer secure communications even in untrustworthy environments.

@jasper Oh hydroxide sounds interesting, I ll check it out. Thanks!

@dimitrisk I agree that it is a bit disappointing to only have closed source apps. However, I just wanted to clarify on "they probably have their reasons": they have reasons to not release the code YET. The good news is they have committed to open sourcing at some point. They've just haven't done it yet because they are "cleaning it" before release. We'll see how it goes.

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