// Get involved in phone liberation

switch (contributor-preference) {

case " && ":
//#foss on mobile, the way

case " on mobile":
//#UBports community's Ubuntu Touch

case "common ground for android blobs":
// enable linux to use the android binaries

case "linux distro && mainline kernel":
// a touch-optimized Alpine Linux distro


I think you might have forgotten eelo:
(Full disclosure I'm a backer even though I'd prefer Plasma)

@ami very nice initiative. But tbh I prefer Linux-oriented projects. I think that Android-oriented ones are more difficult to maintain (ok, treble may mitigate some issues). We should also focus on Linux app repositories. Imho, in the Linux ecosystem we can find high quality free software. Why not try making it touch friendly and provide a platform to run ?

@dimitrisk you missed the `break;` statement ;)
Also at least in java variables cannit contain a dash.

@vanitasvitae :) In my defense, I had reached the 512 character limit :P Or maybe it was subconsciously intentional, since higher level projects need the foundations that postmarketos and halium create.

@dimitrisk haha, haven't looked at it that way :D so its not a bug, its a feature ;)

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