Suggestion to development team: to enable users to opt out of a tracking consent (e.g. giving out call logs), just provide the option of rooting the device and changing a config file. Please avoid old-fashioned, deprecated and ugly permission dialogs.

There is still an important gap between non-tech collectives and foss communites. Although they share values, many of the former still tend to use closed, tracking apps and extractive platforms. To make things worse, in many cases they consider the kind of technology they use as unimportant. I think that, both sides, we should work on reducing this gap.

I was thinking of upgrading to plus. But there is still missing an important part. Although they ve released the source code of the web client, the android app and the desktop bridge are still closed. Probably they have their reasons for not doing so. But e2e encryption without an end client that you truly control implies that you totally trust the app provider. This is a contradiction of e2e philosophy, designed to offer secure communications even in untrustworthy environments.

What do you mean the dystopian Chinese Social Credit System isn't the first in the world? What do you mean it's already implemented in the US, but under a different name?

"...the U.S. Department of Homeland Security wants (...) to make immigrants submit their credit scores when applying for legal resident status."

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Hey guys, as always:

Remember that the people working retail are humans,

That the things that annoyed you in the store were almost certainly not their fault,

That if they’re ringing register, they probably can’t change corporate policy,

and that they are PEOPLE and deserving of your consideration and respect.

I saw this on a comment thread on open source project interaction with community members (and vice versa). I’d say it nails it!

Using the default 18.04 server image, there is no way to setup full-disk encryption. To do so, go for the alternate installer:

Lately, many people that I truly respect have answered to the ' product or customer ' question by switching to iOS.

It makes some sense to choose the platform of a customer-oriented company instead of the tracking-oriented one's, cos you need here and now a smartphone that just works.

But only a platform can give back to the users the control of their devices.

Let's not fall into the "lesser of two evils" trap. There are foss mobile initiatives out there. And they need our support.

Today I received a notification from LinkedIn saying that my contact xyz has just joined LinkedIn.

I can't remember having consciously shared my address book with LinkedIn. Probably, I have just pressed the big "Continue" button upon first login via the mobile app...

Here you can check if LinkedIn can access your email or phone contact list, and manage your imports:


Me and @dimitrisk had been working on stress testing #PlasmaMobile , Some of issues we found are listed on and if needed they are moved to Plasma Mobile phabricator board at

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Red Hat is planning to deprecate Plasma 4 on RHEL by 2024.

Plasma 4 was published in its LTS version for the last time in August 2015. The year before, Plasma 5 had been released, built using Qt 5.

Since then, a lot have happened.

Jan 2016, KDE announces KDE Neon
Feb 2016, openSUSE announces Argon and Krypton
Aug 2016, Canonical becomes a KDE patron
Jan 2017, KDE Slimbook is available
Jul 2018, Debian joins KDE's Advisory Board
Aug 2018, KDE Plasma runs on ARM Pinebook

[A reimplementation of]'s Big O chart with emojis

Since my family's laptops switched from Windows to KDE neon, operational support... tasks are no longer a burden. It's just fun :)

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