When I was I a child, the English teachers were giving us stickers, as a reward for scoring streaks of correct spelling tests.

I would seriously consider adding some of them to my email signature, especially when replying to emails with these “Azure Certified” badges.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any of them.

Climate Anxiety Is an Overwhelmingly White Phenomenon by Sarah Jaquette Ray

'The prospect of an unlivable future has always shaped the emotional terrain for Black and brown people, whether that terrain is racism or #climate change. Climate change compounds existing structures of injustice, and those structures exacerbate climate change. Exhaustion, anger, hope—the effects of oppression and resistance are not unique to this climate moment. What *is* unique is that people who had been insulated from oppression are now waking up to the prospect of their own unlivable future.'


Updated reminder of why #Signal is far from optimal:

- No #anonymity: every account is tied to a phone number
- Not #opensource, until recently. Server source code was undisclosed for a year to hide their plans to turn Signal into a bank
- No #decentralization
- Dark UI pattern: The PIN feature (enabled by default) uploads your contacts to the cloud without informing the user, albeit encrypted.
- Tries to be a #blockchain #cryptocurrency bank

Original: chaos.social/@hut/105985100215

" is going to train 100,000 black women in digital skills"

I have repeatedly listened to well-meaning coworkers making this claim: if individuals suffering poverty and discrimination are given education opportunities, problems (poverty, discrimination) will be solved.

This article presents several aspects of this fallacy.


extremely correct venn diagram, techno dystopia 

it's hilarious to me that apparently vice.com/en/article/pkdj79/peo is a thing that's happening

Interactive map of the hideous practice of that violates the human rights of people trying to escape war, poverty, and discrimination.


Next week, a group of Greek tech cooperatives organize an online event on "technology and best practices on social and solidarity economy".

The event will be on zoom and you have to register using Google forms.

The contradiction is obvious. I wonder if it is worth using these platforms in order to participate and talk about "best practices". I have not made up my mind yet.


We need institutions built on transparency, democratic decision making and accountability. The institution representatives should just be bearers of collective decisions made by the institution members on every single matter.

This is not a panacea. Many more is needed; but this is the quintessential first step to limit bad representatives' impact and community members to be in charge of their own communities.

The Greek government has chosen webex for distance education.

For many months, the Ministry of Education had been refusing to publish the contract.

On 22/03, it got published:

- The MoE bought licenses that costed € 2 million - instead of using a solution, e.g. BigBlueButton, that would cost no license fees and would empower the local economy

- The contract permits Cisco to use data of the 1.5 million users of the platform for its own purposes and disclose it to others

An important day for the in .

@thepressproject, one of the very few Greek independent media, having faced several limitations on its account in the recent past, joins the Fediverse.

First study of all Amazon greenhouse gases suggests the damaged forest is now worsening climate change.

“We have this system that we have relied on to counter our mistakes, and we have really exceeded the capacity of that system to provide reliable service,” says co-author Fiona Soper, an assistant professor at McGill University.

Turbulent times for human rights, social media and journalism in Greece:

- is censoring, suspending or deleting accounts of well known independent media and journalists for defending human rights or covering protests

- journalists and non state-funded media are looking for alternatives

- the has -slightly- entered the public discourse

- the free media are still reluctant to embrace the fediverse even in parallel with facebook or as a fallback scenario

The #PlasmaMobile team has released a new update about their progress. The homescreen is now more intuitive, a new mobile interface was added to Elisa, Koko got an image editor and much more...

I have always been against the death penalty. I never asked who is the person about to be executed.

This madness must stop.

This is a turning point for human rights in Europe. There has been no death of prisoner on hunger strike since 1981; that's going to change in the next days (maybe hours).

The prisoner has just been demanding to be transferred back to a prison that has already spent many years of his sentence. His demand is legitimate according to law of Greece.

Just found out that Flym, the Android feed reader I have been using for many years, is not supported anymore.

I have started looking for alternatives. Any suggestion?


Police uses copyrighted music in protests to trigger platforms' automatic filters and prevent uploads.

So, do we need musicians to play creative commons music out loud in protests?


Neoliberal state 101

The state has contracted a private company to manage a national road

1. If the profits from the toll charge do not reach a certain amount, the state has to pay the company the "loss"

2. If the road is out of order - e.g. due to a natural disaster - the company is responsible of fixing, and it has to pay a fine proportionate to the time the road was unavailable

Heavy snowfall: the state opts beforehand to block the access to the road. The 1st condition is triggered.


I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous:

Twitter's fancy "decentralisation team" spent over a YEAR working on... A PDF REPORT.

They could have literally spent a few weeks re-adding RSS feeds, which they removed in 2012, essentially cutting off tweets from the open web ecosystem.

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