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Android is open source.

But Google Apps are proprietary: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_

An important entry in the list is Google Play Services: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_P

Google Play Services is a closed-source API that facilitates development of android applications while ensuring that the apps will execute in every android phone. Among others, Location, Google Maps, Game Services and Cloud Messaging APIs are parts of Google Play Services.

Is Android open source?

Te gusta software libre? A las 17:00 UTC puedes correr un maratón un poco diferente :) Maratón Linuxero!


The line of argument of against regulators is outrageous.

According to Google: "... without rules around baseline compatibility, open-source platforms fragment, which hurts users, developers and phone makers. Android’s compatibility rules avoid this, and help make it an attractive long-term proposition for everyone."

Technical standards in an open society are created through open discussions. If formed by a single company, it isn't 'compatibility rules'. It is just enforcement of rules.

Google faces huge EU fine over Android for ‘abuse’ of market dominance.

Regulators say Google has forced smartphone makers to sign agreements not to sell devices on rival Android systems.


How users of various operating systems react to a notification for a system update :)


A couple of months after Akademy-2017, KDE, through a collaborative process, set the 3 goals that the community will be focusing on over the next 3 to 4 years:

1. Top-notch usability and productivity for basic software
2. Privacy Software
3. Streamlined onboarding of new contributors

As regards the 'streamlined onboarding' goal, neofytos describes in detail the progress, the challenges and the next steps:


.@debian is joining KDE's Advisory Board. This means we will be able to better integrate KDE software with all versions of Debian and their derivatives, we will receive valuable feedback, and we will bring both communities closer together in every way.


A Connecticut federal court has found an electrical engineer guilty of six trade secret theft and transmission charges after he uploaded sensitive data to his personal Dropbox account.

According to the irrational rationale used against end-to-end encryption applications and peer-to-peer file sharing servers, Dropbox is the guilty one, right?


On July 5, the European Parliament will either push forward or block the way for articles 11 and 13.

Article 11 will severely limit sharing links to the news.

Article 13 establishes upload filters that check each uploaded file for infringements before it is allowed to go online.


Supreme court bans police access to phone records without a warrant.


Advocates see it as a milestone privacy ruling.

But why such a huge amount of data should be available, in the first place?

Why don't we design systems enforcing anonymity wherever possible? If this cannot be done, we should at least avoid keeping data not needed anymore.


Hey #FreeSotfware lovers!

We need you to help us grow #PeerTube into the YouTube alternative it can become.

Spread the word about #JoinPeertube joinpeertube.org, and fund the development of important features on frama.link/joinpeertube

Ya estamos en ruta preparando lo que será nuestro próximo Maratón Linuxero del 21 de Julio... Te esperamos! #CompartiendoLibertad

Two weeks to go until the crucial vote in the European Parliament: the looming plans for "censorship machines" and a "link tax"


Plasma 5.13 has launched

Plasma is now faster and sleeker; gives you more control, letting you stop, start, rewind and silence video and audio playing in browsers from the desktop, open and close vaults from KDE Connect, and easily configure external monitors; and is more beautiful, incorporating fast blurs and transparencies into windows, and improving the icon integration.

Check out the announcement at


And more images at


KDE Connect is your favorite application, isn't it? What about joining KDE Connect and Plasma Mobile teams and contributing to the integration of Plasma Mobile with Linux Desktop environments and other devices?

Would you like to help push Plasma Mobile forward but don't know how? You can now easily find your way with blog.bshah.in/2018/06/06/find-

Git (distributed) turned to Github (centralized). Just as email turned to Gmail. Just as "storing files on web servers" became "Dropbox".