As supply chains strain and crack, hospitals are left in dire need of their #RightToRepair, and manufacturers have a duty to help by providing specs, manuals and advice - not legal threats.

19 has obliged many of us to stay almost all day at home. At the same time, we still communicate for every single thing; but only online. The selection of tools we use for this purpose - from the browser to the conference tools- is more important than never.

It is a great opportunity to suggest to our friends and co-workers to switch to ethical alternatives.I strongly recommend:

We are happy to resume the Plasma Mobile by @kde updates series.

This time, new applications, working rotation, performance improvements and several application updates.

Read more at:

#introductions : Hello Fosstodon!

Plasma Mobile is an open-source user interface for phones from @kde Community.

We will use this account to share updates, and stay in touch with our community!

Dear :)

Looking for a alternative, to be used by non-tech savvy users who are familiar with trello.

The existence of a service provider -for the initial period before going self hosted- would be ideal.

Any suggestions?

Unfortunately, the official narrative in Greece is that our country is under attack; attacked by poor people that hope for a better future, trying to leave poverty and war behind. Worse yet, this narrative is adopted by a large part of the population.

Nevertheless, some folks have opted to be on the right side of history.

A couple of days ago a friend of mine visited a mobile service shop, to fix an issue on her phone. The store employee, after looking into the device, asked her: Signal? This uses e2e communication... Why? Are you a journalist?

So, instead of basic human right, privacy is now considered a "special case" ?

Here is some good #privacy news: the Eu Advocate General has concluded national mass retention laws in the EU are illegal. Countries can not demand that internet providers just keep massive amounts of personal data because it might be useful some day.

Yes we can do without . I spent three days in Brussels for with a phone without gapps, using osmand public transport navigation; it worked perfectly for me. Many thanks to the osmand developers and the community.

Here wo go! #fosdem get ready as Matrix is about to turn e2e encryption by default! Happening in K1.105 now! Or live on

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