Build 2 is .. done? Will check tomorrow with rested eyes and if yes, release time!

Just one more item to cross off! Will probably get that done tomorrow.

It's as ugly as it can get, but guess what, it works!

As a website analytics tool, of course I wouldn't recommend betting your sales on How Do Stranger. But, at least the basics are there (starting build 2).

API endpoint for getting user website information and account information is now done, and with it also the Sign In redirects work.

Build 2 of How Do Stranger is well on the way. Noticed that I lack the API endpoint for adding a website .. and getting user websites .. so there's some back-end work to do still as well to get this build done.

So we moved offices during christmas holidays and the new view is amazing. Also, the middle building with the red wall? I live there. Two minutes from work. This is the dream.

For the record, this is what Christmas in Estonia looks like. Suffice it to say, am happy I went back to the motherland for the holidays.

Oh how I missed my magical home country (don't hate me for spamming photos tomorrow)

Look at that big beautiful ball of happiness in the sky ...

But, not for too long ... because you’ll go blind.

Me in the kitchen making microwave pizza be like there is a cat here probably for selfish reasons.

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