Second thing (also grocery related): you won’t find brand names in most “discount” grocery shops (Aldi, Lidl, etc), unless it is a worldwide level brand name (such as Coca Cola and Nutella). Most things are only available in generic brands.

Oh and one more related thing: Europeans love making fun of Americans and they gigantic servings, but here in Germany (just like in Spain) I can only find massive cereal boxes. Why would a single person buy a 1kg box of corn flakes‽ I will die before I eat that whole thing. I don’t eat a lot, and I’m constantly forced to throw food away because I have no option but to buy massive amounts, and it spoils before I could possibly eat it.

@brunoph I live in Barcelona, Spain, have never seen a 1kg cerial box.

@digitalbaboon in Barcelona I never saw gigantic boxes either, but they were always large. Using this picture as an example, I would always find the rightmost box as the ily available size. Back home in Brazil the middle one would always be available, and the larger ones would sometimes be available as a “saver size”.

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