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I suppose it's time to reintroduce myself as well with the new influx of people.

Hi there. I'm a software engineer. I do , , , , all-around and . I also whine and moan about tools a lot and share my adventures in building things, having thoughts and being human.

Alright. How Do Stranger's and my personal site's client's now deploy successfully with my new deploy system. Now I need to get the back-ends to also work in a similar fashion .. and set up databases ..

Setting up a new lean mean server machine and I want this one to be perfect*

* nothing is perfect, but one can try

So, discovered Phoenix OS. A desktop OS based on Android. You know what this means! TESTING TIME

Okay, ran into a problem with obfuscating variables it shouldn't. Then found out about "externs" and solved my problem.

So, if you're using external , you can define empty definitions for functions and variables inside the given externs file so that the :optimizations :advanced would not obfuscate them.

Just got a job offer for 80.000 EUR. In Amsterdam. Would love to have all that money, but the only way I would change jobs is when what I set out to achieve with the current company is achieved or when I get fired.

Loyalty still has value to me. And besides, if you spend most of your days at a place such as work, it's the people that make the place, not the money and I'm more than happy with the current people. Of course this varies from person to person, but that's what it's like for me anyway.

3 months in to my new job as a Junior Clojure developer and am now the head of a unified design experience initiative. Management also thinks I’m important because of my unsatisfiable need to make a perfect product. No pressure.

Just noticed that by removing font awesome from my site .. I also coincidentally removed my hamburger menu for mobile devices. And I thought I'm not using font awesome anywhere ...

Alright, Build 1 of How Do Stranger ... let's see how this can go horribly wrong.

RT I sent this to my newsletter this morning.

Now, I'm posting it here:

🤔 "Can you bootstrap a startup on the side?"


Not sure if my partition resizing will go as planned, or if I will end up OS-less.

Trying to dual boot Windows 7 next to Elementary OS. Because gaming. Also because Windows 10 is horrible.

In other news; I have started using the Bitwarden password manager. So far so good.

@rusmov @xorowl @digitalbaboon Since we're on the topic of privacy and ad blocking and what not, especially on mobile. If you guys like to tinker I highly recommend grabbing a raspberry pi and setting up PiHole ( and OpenVPN. Connect your whole household up to ad blocking and get it on the go with the VPN. Added bonus being able to manage your home servers w/o having to open up extra ports to the interwebs.

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