Thinking of making my own CSS preprocessor, Asynchronous Style Sheets (ASSCSS or ASS for short.) Thoughts?

Ferdy Christant on Web Dev Workflow: "Absurdly complex, slow, constantly breaking, and obsolete by the time you have it working. I would welcome a return to just entering code and running it, without a 100,000 node modules processing my input. Maybe web development could once again become accessible and fun to those who are not hardcore engineers. Because the web belongs to all of us, and they are just as entitled as the rest of us to work on it."

I am in love with Fall. The weather the past few weeks has been absolutely phenomenal and the scenery is stunning. Here is a photo from my quick afternoon trip to on Saturday. (Also testing out the Tootdon client for iOS.)

automation is really coming for our jobs, as a shitposter, how can I compete with all these bots?

I feel we’ve reached that point where literally every election year will be touted ad nauseam as the most important of everyone’s lifetimes

Just joined Mastodon & Peepeth, trying to find an alternative social media network that is decentralized, user-centric, with quality content/discussion, and freedom of expression.

About me: I'm a web developer, a libertarian, and soon to be father of two. Hi everyone!

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