A friend of mine sent me this. I know it's at Twitter, and I know it may be unwelcome here, but more information is best, when it comes to making decisions and choices.

(tl;dr: Mastodon may not be the best choice for you, especially if you're a vulnerable or marginalized person).


@wilw You post “mostly” on a site that bans Chinese, Russian, Iranian, Pakistani and Syrian people from posting, yet you feel a okay to pass on a load of supposed concern about “marginalised” people? What’s up with that?

@dgold I'll presume you aren't concern trolling. Those places are blocked at CS because of the overwhelmingly large number of bad acting accounts that originate there. It keeps CS free from a lot of trolls and bad people.

If you don't like it, nobody is forcing you to participate there.


@wilw I'm not. I speak on a weekly or monthly basis with dozens of people from those countries, none of whom are trolls. My Rojava friends, trying to build a better future for their kids in the face of Russian bombs and US betrayal. They are erased by CS policies. How is that not racism? Or my Uighur friends, under the cosh of the Han regime? Why are they bad faith actors? Russian democracy activists, banned. How can you claim to be woke, yet support such a chess pit of racism?

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