There’s a chap on University Challenge tonight wearing a suit and with a full Kaiser Bill moustache. I can’t stop laughing at this.

I mean, it used to be "add to resolv.conf, you're done". Then it used to be "add to resolvconf config file head, you're done". Now it's "nobody really knows, users usually don't need that *shrug*".

This fscking thing really starts to feel like Windows.

#FsckSystemd #Linux

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Cracking University Challenge tonight, some great questions on subatomic particles and novels by chapter names. Sadly let down by the winning team not having even one woman present. They really should enforce gender quotas.

Small mention that I moved from .tech to my own instance —

I mean, I love that I’m still getting followers over here 😍 but I’d also love to keep the conversation going 😎

I know I've only been here a week or so, but I've moved to my own personal (pleroma) instance, and will be posting from in future. 🤓

Tried and failed to set up a mastodon instance for myself. Oy, the dependencies list :(

Managed to set up a pleroma instance though, so this is partially by way of a test to see if I can see posts over on that.

A consistent problem I have with post-apocalyptic fiction, particularly the Walking Dead, is the view of a world where everyone is amoral and out for themselves. That's not a very good description of how people actually behave in crises but it is a good description of normative behavior under capitalism.

Paul Manafort 

Let's keep it funky. As ANOTHER one of 45's criminal entourage gets convicted, one point remains crystal.

The only reason this fool is still POTUS is because he is racist rich white guy. That's it.

He, as well as his administration, are woefully under qualified for the position, have been caught lying multiple times, and have shown an absolute disdain for the law.

If Obama had done 1/10th of what 45 is doing, he would be viewed as the worst in history.

But white people LOVE 45

uspol, legal musing 

Look it, simple fact is Cohen pleaded guilty to a crime in which Donald Trump is an un-indicted Co-Conspirator. You can’t be guilty of conspiracy on your own! Citizen Trump would be indicted. President Trump should be impeached.


Got to be honest, I’m laughing my ass off here reading about Manafort and Cohen. FAKE NEWS? SHIT JUST GOT REAL, MUTHAFUKKAH!!

like it's best to not just force everything into one big thing.

get a RSS reader.

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Went and visited family friends yesterday, discovered the husband's family made aliyah from Morocco in 1955. So, we had baba ghounoush, matbucha, tabbouleh, worlds greatest falafel, couscous with chicken broth. Arak may have been consumed. …

The politics of Mastodon 

I found this article about and then politics of the Mastodon project interesting and troubling. Sadly not *surprising* because this is an open source project and this kinda thing is endemic in OSS.

More diversity, and more less-privileged voices at the table please.

Oh, so I'm starting to collect a list of people who might be interested in a native Mac tootclient...

Feel free to toot'n'boost this.

meta, neologism needed 

Comes onto Mastodon, posts concern trolling material, promotes racist, nationalist, transphobic instance, blocks anyone who pushes back, denounces them as concern trolls.

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