Oh man.....multiple projects, new job, Destiny expansion.......I forgot all about the toot. Whats up people?

Windows 10 must scale the gui....switched to Pop!_OS to get some work done and everything is so small

Got a Bookstack app up and running...lets see how useful it is for notes.

Oh yeah link for anyone interested:

So busy with life lately, I kinda forgot about Mastodon. Whats up?

Udemy.com has a sale right now, if anyone wants to get smarter!

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The dream: native clients for every major webapp

Pixel XL owners that got Android Pie....how was your experience been so far? I got notified for the update last night but heard about the fast charging thing...

Anyone have tips on how to do some freelance development?

Has anyone done React.js in Electron? For some reason WebStorm says I don't have React imported, but it is...

Finqlly getting around to updating my resume....why does every template suck?

Anyone have a note-taking app/plugin/thing that they recommend? Particularly based on to-do's?

Decide to work on project before work. It doesn't work. Realised that its not connecting to my database. Remembered that I didn't have one setup on the new server. Too early for this today...

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a cool site of tutorials for switching to a more privacy-conscious alternatives switching.social/

I know it probably exists (I'm too tried right now), but I'm having trouble sleeping because I'm thinking of writing a Mastodon desktop client (probably with React and Electron?). Something with Javascript so I can get experience.

The more I write this, the more I wanna cry myself to sleep...

I need to write an essay. I don't want to, nor do I have the energy to do so. Any productivity tips?

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