First hardware project in a while, built a passthrough board for my ham shack's coax and ground

Set up my visualizer (cava) to display beneath my spotify-tui window!

alright so I tried draconic evolution and...

it's fuckin insane.

this thing that I've attached can store 9 ERF (that's 9 sextillion RF). it's so gamebreaking

So this ancient gateway that I pulled out of the basement, that hasn't been touched in years and I'm 90% certain is older than me, still has the right time/date, almost five years later

A few years ago, I got a PAX backdrop from Frontier Developments' Elite: Dangerous. Today, I finally set it up.

My school got a therapy dog this year and she just walked in and I haven't done any work for 15 minutes

Jamboree bag is ready and waiting to be loaded up for it's fifth outing outside the jamboree! Best bag I've ever owned. Also shown, my teabear neckerchief, because I feel like showing off

Misty drive to the Bay Circuit trail, doing my last hike (20 miles!) for my hiking merit badge today, it'll be fun!

What do y'all think of this edit I did in photoshop? Can toot the original as well. Took around three classes to do. Photo is of a plant at the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

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