i just clicked on an mp3 and now it's playing but there's no window??? for me to turn it off and get back to spotify


pulseaudio calls it "ALSA (mplayer plugin)" but mplayer is for movies, not audio tracks

@devosmium mplayer does audio files too. It's what I used to use to play my music using a little script.

@OTheB huh, the man page says it's for movies - doesn't mention audio/mp3 anywhere.

i found the process in htop and killed it

@devosmium My script runs it with the -nogui flag, so if you open a terminal and run 'mplayer -nogui somefile.mp3' then it'll play the music without opening a window, just staying in the terminal.

@devosmium audio tracks are just very small movies

just killall mplayer

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