So this ancient gateway that I pulled out of the basement, that hasn't been touched in years and I'm 90% certain is older than me, still has the right time/date, almost five years later

@anna it's having trouble launching the Mint XFCE installer. Any ideas for low-intensity Linux distributions for it?

@devosmium gosh I'm not as much of an expert in like, network equipment distros, maybe alpine?

@anna it's not for network equipment, but I'll take a look! Thanks

@devosmium oh like it's a gateway brand, not a network gateway

but yeah alpine is made to run even embedded, you might be able to roll your own thing with gentoo but you would extremely want to be set up with distcc or otherwise have a way to compile everything elsewhere

@devosmium #blessed

im sure it would be a (near?) unusuable chug for like, web browsing and stuff but something like alpine or whatever, maybe running i3 or some other light WM, would make a good not-too-dumb terminal

@anna I'm not even sure what I want to use it for tbh. It was more of a "can I make this work again" thing

@anna So alpine wasn't liking my graphics thingy, so I tried manjaro XFCE and that's working well. I'm about 3/4 through the install process

@anna I left the actual install running overnight, it went well. Runs much better than I thought it would

@anna I use it on my actual laptop (Cinnamon, not XFCE), and I think it works much better than stock Arch, especially since it includes display drivers and networking.

@devosmium i'd probably use arch if our dark lady's one true and beautiful gnu/linux gentoo didn't exist


@anna I haven't really looked at gentoo, what would you say are its biggest strengths?

@devosmium you actually learn how it works and build your own distro, customized for your hardware and what you're trying to do

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