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hey you know that guy hoarding hand sanitizer? imagine if he was hoarding money, that people need desperately for literally everything. and then someone showed up and distributed that money to everyone. wild haha anyways Jeff bezos has 110 billion dollars

Multiple FIRST events have been cancelled due to coronavirus - including the entirety of the Pacific Northwest. Chief Delphi Discussion here:

Looks like FIRST Championships Detroit and Houston could be cancelled too

at a BSA cult meeting to talk about my script for this June's show. One problem: it doesn't exist.

has now finished patching, but won't connect to the servers

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ESO has been patching for an hour.

I should launch the game more often

my fucking compsci course won't let me submit source files, they only want screenshots of source and output. One screenshot per file. Someone take a wild guess as to why I got a 2/10 on my last assignment

The BSA has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy to allow for financial restructuring to fairly compensate people who were victims of sexual abuse during their time in scouting.

The National organization is filing, which will protect camps owned by the local councils, but not the high adventure bases like the Summit.

current mood: stressfully refreshing my email because friends have heard back from summer camp about staff and I haven't

time to do some worldbuilding before this weekend's session/planning meeting

the jamboree was six months ago.

I got an email last night about an 80% off sale for merchandise and patches

Six months after the fact, they still take my money

totally worth it

alright so I tried draconic evolution and...

it's fuckin insane.

this thing that I've attached can store 9 ERF (that's 9 sextillion RF). it's so gamebreaking

I wrote a thing about playing D&D while hiking/camping (especially with youth).

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Image editing software should have an overlay for showing what will happen to your profile icon when some website decides all icons should be circles

My laptop is complaining that it's about to die. I say it's not because it's been saying it for 30 minutes and i'm still here

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