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ScoutLink #JOTI19 hot take 

10 continuous hours of hiking later, I can't bend my left leg, and I can't stand to out weight on my feet, but god dammit I hiked 20 miles today!

Misty drive to the Bay Circuit trail, doing my last hike (20 miles!) for my hiking merit badge today, it'll be fun!

Current mood: trying to set up a pi as a home media server because i need to stream spotify from my laptop to the tv easily

ScoutLink #JOTI19 hot take 

ScoutLink #JOTI19 hot take 

Jury is still out on whether that two week period when I listened to the ten hour version of the mii song on repeat all day counts as a mental breakdown.

Red Dead Redemption 2, but as Bob Ross

@FuchsiaShock On the flip side: Showing your kids a pirated copy of Sesame Street is a great way to teach them that piracy is fun, ethical, and cool

google maps: you can't use this app till you update to the newest google play services sorry dude
me, clicking through the dismissable modal to use the app:

Reminder that microsoft was once so careless they bought skype for 8 millions when they could just download it for free.

Remy Rodriguez was the first winner of the Saturn Belt Grand Prix who wasn't trained at one of the four Cobalt League elite flight academies. As a computer scientist she discovered a weakness that lead her to victory: Painting her ship with a specific pattern made the AI on board her competitors believe a meteoroid storm was incoming, forcing them to immediately emergency break and disengage. Rodriguez finished first despite her complete inability as a pilot.

#inktober #mastoart #creativetoots

@devosmium @SporkyDorky The goal isn't to make sense. The goal is to harass poor people.

my tl;dr of current global events 


Some lady with a dog who was standing right outside my window just barked STAY at it out of no where and scared the SHIT out of me oh my GOD I'm sweating and my heart is pounding what the SHIT - FUCK

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