haven't tooted for a while but i want to start again

i'm learning C by writing a roguelike, idk why but this is how i learn langs

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The consistent push toward the "sharing economy" and or the "gig economy" makes me very uneasy, especially when it comes to physical things like houses, cars, or food. The end result will be that regular people don't own anything and don't know how to do things, whether that's repair your vehicle or cook a meal at home. When push comes to shove, the corporation actually owning such things can cut you off with virtually no consequences.

-- keiferski on HN

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marge: lisa return thyself to the ground so that you may be chained

lisa: it perplexes me mother that your Almighty Lord dwells amongst the clouds yet you cannot make peace with me climbing the ceiling. does it unnerve you to picture his ascent as harrowing as mine? Do you fear the lord too can bleed? Can he hate, mummy?

bart: you know nothing of eternity's wars and their causes, wretched one

homer: lisa if you do not come down feeding time will be delayed for some and not others

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part of the github/dmca repo tree is the youtube-dl source now, lmao


put there by someone aware of how the github backend works

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"We moved to GitHub because everyone's already there"

"We shut down the mailing lists because most of our users prefer to use GitLab in their web browser"

"We're rewriting in Rust because we don't really have any non-x86_64 users"

"We're leaving IRC because Discord is more user-friendly"

What all of these arguments have in common is that they exclude people, centralize infrastructure, and eschew free software for proprietary solutions, all in the name of some ill-defined measure of "progress".

additionally, PRs must be merged or approved to count.

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will now only count pull requests submitted to repos that have "opted in" by adding the "hacktoberfest" topic to their repository: hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com

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In reality, Hacktoberfest is a corporate-sponsored distributed denial of service attack against the open source maintainer community.


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Kick-off for Hacktoberfest: hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com

Unfortunately people seem to spam projects with invalid PRs a lot this year: blog.domenic.me/hacktoberfest/ 😒

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I want software to be:

Robust => designed to accomodate all known edge cases

Reliable => operable for an extended period of time under expected conditions without failures

Stable => does not change in incompatible or unexpected ways over time; "if it works today it can be expected to work tomorrow"

Simple => including only as many moving parts as is required to meet the other three goals

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Please fill out this survey and ask them to release their videos with a creative commons license


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