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I think rather than doing my work I'm going to put up a minecraft server and wait for my thing

the tracker bar went backwards what the fUCK amazon

watching it inch closer and closer on the tracking page is agonizing

waiting for amazon to deliver my thing and I want the thing before I do anything else but I also have work due tomorrow... but I want the thing

Just want to give a quick shoutout to FIRST for everything they do to promote STEM and engage youth in it

@mdszy you'll be happy to know that I actually managed to revert and get to the mun and back. Jeb is safe

I just landed on the Mun for the first time, planted my flag, and got back into a Kerbin crash course when it clicked that I forgot heat shielding. FML

My school got a therapy dog this year and she just walked in and I haven't done any work for 15 minutes

I'm trying to write my statement of ambitions and life purpose for my eagle application and I have literally no idea how to start

current mood: fighting my "tournament director" over whether or not we should hold awards in the auditorium or the gym. She thinks that she's still a director when she's done jack for planning and just yoinks my work and makes bullshit edits to make it seem like she's done the majority of the work. That fucking sucks, I did most of the planning in the extreme time crunch we were under and now it seems like I'm getting none of the credit

elves and the fair folk are actually descended from the same organization, but there was a big doctrinal split years ago between the anarchist tendency fey and the communist elves,

Keepassx? Shit.
Bitwarden? Shit.

You're either using pass, or you're not storing your passwords right.

GNU\Tomb + Encryption via PGP key + Easy Git synchronization.

If you're on linux...
Don't delay, use pass today!


me: im going to make a site that's super simple and brutalist

also me: snow time


Jamboree bag is ready and waiting to be loaded up for it's fifth outing outside the jamboree! Best bag I've ever owned. Also shown, my teabear neckerchief, because I feel like showing off

y'know what I wish my school had? alternative writing assignments instead of artistic assignments. I'd rather write an essay about the symbolism in Poe's work than draw out the symbols. I'm cool with my only art class being Advanced Photoshop

hey massachusetts, maybe when i'm done with my state-mandated standardized english test, you could let me read? literally the longest amount of time i have to read during the school year is after your shitty test

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