Will start my lecture now. Since my slides are made with in my favorite editor is the natural output format.
In the past I used in presentation mode.
Recently I remembered (github.com/Cimbali/pympress). It is a PDF presentation tool designed for dual-screen setups such as presentations and public talks . Highly configurable and portable. supports embedded gifs, video, audio, annotations, 's & notes. :awesome:

@devSJR I didn't know about the pympress, thanks for the suggestion.

All my plots from R (#Rstat) are stored as PDF, and I need a fast software to view them. large pheatmaps and scatter plots takes a long time to load on Okular or other software. I also want the PDF viewer to constantly check if the file is updated and show it. For this, #Zathura is my go-to PDF viewer. It is super lightweight, fast, keyboard driven and minimalistic UI, and highly configurable.


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