Ob , , oder , wo seht ihr euch am stΓ€rksten zugehΓΆrig oder wΓΌrdet gerne einmal mitmachen?

Bitte teilen.

1.30 just arrived in . πŸ₯³
It is fun. Check the games bot / apps. There is a drawing app that is quite nice to make some sketches.

Did you know that (github.com/adbenitez/deltalab-) by @adbenitez is now available in via the repo android.izzysoft.de/repo from @IzzyOnDroid?
If you just want to try it is simple to do so. Export your chats (one or all accounts) via the backup function. Import them to and experience what future may look like or just stick to DeltaLab.
You won't lose data (unless you delete everything, incl. backups). You can even use and in parallel.

From 2022 to 2027, TOPS will accelerate the engagement of the #scientific community in #openscience practices through events and activities aimed at:

- Lowering barriers to entry for historically excluded communities #environmentaljustice #inclusivity
-Better understanding how people use NASA data and code to take advantage of our big data collections #data #dataviz
- Increasing opportunities for collaboration while promoting scientific innovation, transparency, and reproducibility. #science

GitNex 4.3.0 is OUT.

Highlighted features:
- Single commit screen with diff view
- Show labels in issues and pr lists
- My issues with remote search and filters
- Follow system theme
- Show notification count when switch accounts
- & more...

Feel free to boost!

Check the release blog post and release notes.




#gitnex #gitea #codeberg #adnroid #app


Articles like this one serve as a friendly reminder that whenever you see someone using or other single-number statistic (mode, stddev, etc.), you should default to being cautious, as statistical measures are extremely misleading in isolation. If possible, always look at the actual distribution of the dataset.

The way digital advertising works today, most websites and apps send profile data to dozens of firms within milliseconds as soon as we use them.

@johnnyryan@twitter.com has numbers about how often that happens per person per day for every US state & European country:

First impressions are everything!

We're redesigning instance landing pages, some highlights include:

✨ Modern design
⚑ Feature overview
✨ Customizable text fields
⚑ About page w/ custom html
✨ Improved Onboarding
⚑ Clearer instance rules

We want your feedback, admins please let us know what you want or would like to see!

Boosts appreciated! #pixelfed

So this poll is over. 13 people participated. Almost 1/3 still use , circa 1/3 no longer and 38% have never heard of it. So guess 6 people had some fun time to look at .

A bit of topic. If you use (gnu.org/software/octave/) then you may have used in earlier version.

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RKWard fun fact #4
Did you know that is more than an ?
RKWard has for years a plugin technology that allows anybody to make plugins for repetitive tasks. Best part: they have previews for plots and analysis. This is similar to what and have (they are more advanced in some respects).


I have contributed some. Was fun to do.
, by Meik, even makes it easier.Have a look here github.com/rkward-community/rk and in the docs mentioned above.

Thomas ist preparing the next release of . I just tried the latest version of the upcoming version 0.74. It is so nice to see the many larger and small improvements are fun to use (and useful :awesome:)

If you want to test the development snapshots please look here:


Some days ago I wrote about updating my package (mastodon.technology/@devSJR/10). It's on now. Let me say that packages like (cran.r-project.org/package=dev) with the functions check(), build(), install_cran(), submit_cran & (cran.r-project.org/package=rhu) with the functions check_for_cran() are really a lot of help.
Submitting sth to CRAN is not that 'simple' as it was 2013. CRAN asks for software quality. Likely in every resubmission of older packages they will find sth.

There is an increasing body of work exposing the level of tracking in which #Elsevier engage, and the way in which data are aggregated, used for profiling, and packaged to customers, such as intelligence agencies. Even the PDFs of their articles are bloated with trackers. See for example: niklasblog.com/?p=26414

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Hey, this is my first toot literally from in . This is more fun than you think. ;)
The figure shows the downloads of my pacakge (2017-2022). I have no idea about the peak.

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