Why do I have the bad habit of switch back and forth between browsers? Idealistically I’d use Firefox, as I don’t want to give Chrome/Chromium(blink/v8) and by extension Google even more power. Them forcing their standards (amp for instance) on sites which want search engine representation is very bad. On the other hand, Chromes performance feels much better when it comes to ja heavy sites and video/streaming media

Where does Chrome feel faster? I assume YouTube or Twitch? If you havent, maybe try dis/enabling hardware acceleration

@GescheitGespielt it’s mostly streaming, yeah. The thing is, the streaming itself isn’t the problem, but initial load times. The difference is minimal but to me chrome feels faster.
I’ll probably hop back and forth in the future and try the thing with hardware acceleration.

On a side note: multi language spellchecking is a blessing. I can’t wait for it to be implemented into Firefox. If it’s even on the roadmap

You mean multiple languages at once? Otherwise I think its already there 😃

Oh okay. Well, if its minimal I think it can be gotten used to, no? 😉

@GescheitGespielt you’re right about that. It’s a minor annoyance at best. It’s me spending a lot of time on the web and having to test stuff with multiple browsers at work that’s making me so nitpicky about it. Maybe those little annoyances will go away after some more Servo stuff is merged.

Concerning spellchecking, I was talking about doing multiple at once. That’s something unique to Chromium I think. Edge can do it as well but that is gone, so it doesn’t really count anymore

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