Ein Kilo Blei ist leichter als zwei Kilo Federn.
Deshalb ist Blei nicht giftig.

any organization as large as #Mozilla is bound to be political, arguing otherwise is just a pointless attempt to dismiss the responsibility that comes with that



I’d have never thought that a simple grain of salt could break my laptop’s spacebar

Nazis, gaslighting 

Playing around with the Spotify Web API is pretty interesting. Especially stuff like their track analysis is fun to look at

AMP. Die Antwort auf die Frage „Was macht ein Webseitenbetreiber eigentlich, wenn er seine Seite mit etlichen JavaScripts, unnötigen Ressourcen aus Drittquellen und fragwürdigen User-Trackern so richtig an die Wand gefahren hat und die Seite auf mobilen Endgeräten auch nach mehreren Sekunden nicht auf dem Bildschirm erscheint?“
Via @kuketzblog

However all of the drama made me think about platforming those special kind of racists and extremists. Apparently (judging by a twitter poll, so not really representative) people were more swayed towards the racists and neo-nazis in that debate which shouldn't be the case

The drama on twitch today was beautiful. First you had the "debate" between Nick Fuentes, Sargon of Akkad, Destiny and Hasan Piker and then there was a teenage conspiracy theorist talking about the great replacement and chemtrails. I can't even count the dog whistles I've heard today.
Anyway the result is me getting blocked on birdsite by proponents of the white ethnostate. Worse things can happen on a Friday

AMP shouldn't exist.

Google had to force restrictions on sites to optimize themselves. Because the sites turn into bloated piles of garbage littered with ads if they can.

If people were sensible about their sites and optimized them for user experience instead of "how many ads and pop ups can we cram in while still achieving at least 50% visitor retention", then AMP would be unnecessary.

AMP helps, but it shouldn't need to in the first place. And it definitely doesn't need to be in my E-mail. AMP is just a bunch of artificial limits and policies controlled by google and the sheer fact they exist shows how most sites have failed at doing something as basic as delivering content.

Edge being available on virtually every platform is a nice way of showing that MS is moving to a service based business, even when it comes to basic customers. Azure has been a thing for companies

I really want to try out the new MS Edge. It looks very nice albeit being just another chromium based browser. The design is what's interesting to me

- a microSD card weighs somewhere around 0.4g
- the highest capacity microSD that's easily available is 256GB
- a trebuchet can throw a 90kg projectile over 300m

90kg worth of microSD cards is 225,000 of them

Therefore a trebuchet can throw 57.6PB of data over 300m

This would have the highest throughput of any telecommunications network ever created

Going off on a tangent: the change to Chromium Extension Manifest isn't even that bad outside of them phasing out the webRequest api. One of the proposed features is to have permission settings for extensions analogues to Android App permissions.

There is an interesting argument to be made for his point of view.
Committing to a project with their input might be a good choice for Mozilla's future. However I don't see how Google's grip on the Chromium project can be loosened.
As we can currently see with the Chrome Extension Manifest, their arguably profit driven decisions might hurt user freedom.
We'll see how Microsoft's involvement will work out and if they can be a counterweight.


Why do I have the bad habit of switch back and forth between browsers? Idealistically I’d use Firefox, as I don’t want to give Chrome/Chromium(blink/v8) and by extension Google even more power. Them forcing their standards (amp for instance) on sites which want search engine representation is very bad. On the other hand, Chromes performance feels much better when it comes to ja heavy sites and video/streaming media

As much as I appreciate video games becoming more accepted as a mainstream medium, I could really do without the real life events. eurogamer.net/articles/2018-10

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