I'm starting to get into Guile (and scheme/lisps in general), and the tooling is ugly IMO. I think I'll create a command line just to have some sane defaults when running guile scripts.


Scheme is very nice. What do you mean the tooling is ugly? Are you referring to the REPL, or the compiler, or something else?


@MutoShack The cli itself seems designed to play nice with people used to old school unix utilities. If I want to run a script in a language other than scheme, the resulting command is complicated from a UX PoV. The REPL is super nice, the docs are UGLY and hard to read. I want to know how to perform some IO operations, build paths, etc; but those funcs aren't grouped. Apparently, docs seem to assume that I either want to embed Guile, or already know Scheme and want to see the Guile differences.


I understand. The Guile documentation seems to cater towards people who already know Scheme and want to know the difference, for sure!

For learning Scheme in general, there's mitpress.mit.edu/sites/default



And muto.ca/planting-flowers-in-gu from my website (more resources at the bottom).

There are a lot of Guile example programs that deal with, say, filesystems & IO at:


I can't help you with scripting or embedding Guile. I have only ever used it as a stand-alone language. Scripting is definitely something I want to get into in the future, though!

@MutoShack Thank you! I'll start reading then, but this kind of community docs should be part of a wiki or something like that.

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