I wonder if it's possible to bridge Avahi and Google's Nearby so that we can send stuff via Nearby Share from Desktop. AFAIK Nearby is partially open source github.com/google/nearby/

I have the conviction that you just can't build a user-friendly OS based on an OS that has "RTFM" and "Garbage In - Garbage Out" as precepts.

I am unilaterally declaring all text encodings other than UTF-8 deprecated

I love Android Smartwatch reviews

Pros: Better design, nice new sensors.
Cons: It's a pice of shit with no support, awful battery, sensors are not properly calibrated, zero integration.

8/10 would recommend to my friends

Trying COHERENT OS 4.2.14 in a VM. So alien. It has no TCP/IP stack so I'm figuring out how to mount a disk with extra code to test

HC = Home Computer, category composed of Desktop Computers 🖥️ and Laptop Computers 💻.
PC = Personal Computer (at this point of time, just smartphones📱)

No other device is as personal as a Smartphone. Tablets are just big smartphones.

Every x86-only system in existence is either an old, rusty, piece of shit; or an unusable system with stupidly small amounts of resources. No serious new project should support that old arch. PLEASE let it DIE.

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CEOs: “as a successful business, you got to be always adapting. the world is constantly changing in front of our eyes. those who stand still don’t make it. disrupt all the things”

Covid: hi! adapt

CEOs: no

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checking the timeline to see someone I admire accept a role at facebook in 2021

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.biz and .pony and .horse and .icann-needs-money and all the rest of the boutique TLD nonsense were a terrible idea and everyone at ICANN should feel bad that they went along with it. The world did not need those garbage TLDs.

Fight me.

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Importing a project on @github@twitter.com really destroys the page layout (Firefox 84)

Hola @rpintosa_@twitter.com ¿cómo queda mejor: "Vaya y coma mondá" o "Vaya y coma un cerro de verga"? Por favor necesito la respuesta rápido, es para un correo del trabajo.

Isn't this what podman.io is for?

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So, Kubernetes is deprecating Docker support and you're either nervous or confused. That's okay! I would like to help you understand what's happening. A thread! 1/10

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Don't hire people who refer to their female coworkers as "girls"

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The amount of work Apple is able to get from FOSS developers for free each time they release a new product will never cease to amaze me. 🤔

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