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"What's going on?"

"The great assassin Pagliacci is in town! He's here to kill me. As one of my patients, he may be after you as well. Come in and hide, if we can avoid him, we'll be safe."

"But Doctor,"
*cocks gun*

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Hay diez mil formas de armar comunidad, hacerlo en base a cosas que uno no controla es una muy mala idea. Compartir experiencias no es suficiente, compartir valores y metas es lo que une a la gente.

Genial para comerla con un innovador utensilio: el tenedor

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Cómo hacer la ensalada perfecta con un ingrediente sorpresa: el aguacate lainfo.news/mjwad5

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ES6 gotcha:
const noop = () => {}; // returns undefined
const obj = () => ({}); // returns empty object

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Why would you waste money on a service that carries Game of Thrones when you could just absorb the plot of each episode as hundreds of furious live-tweets. I have been consuming the show in this fashion for at least four seasons, as a whale consumes krill.

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Wow....a Watchmen continuation that nobody asked for. Thanks.

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Goverments killing People for whatever reason: The are killing them/using deadly force against them/employing violence against them.

Israel killing palestinians: They are currently deploying kinetic force as a retaliation for a failed cyberattack.

Twitter is sick.

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rather than do

if (condition){
} esle {

do this instead

if (!condition){

- easier to understand.
- less braces to mess up
- less nesting of blocks

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White triceratops around the world are celebrating right now

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New logo, same . It's official- the new Red Hat logo is now live on our office! @RedHatJobs@twitter.com

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in today’s edition of “DMs that could have been phrased better”

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Uy pensé que era en broma, pero veo que la estupidez, afortunadamente, no está confinada a Colombia, en nuestro país hermano hay imbéciles también, como este:

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Ecuatorianos 🇪🇨 el sueco detenido Ola Bini por ser parte de Wikileaks es PROGRAMADOR.

Entiendo que la mayoría de las personas no comprendan el tema, sin embargo debo decirles que es más peligroso que 100 bandas de ladrones de bancos juntas.

Puede arruinarnos en un par de horas

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It ought to be illegal to require a customer to cancel by telephone anything you can sign up for online. If I can buy it online, I should be able to cancel it online.

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Ora depois da aprovação do “artigo 13”, temos agora algumas editoras musicais a dizer que velocidades elevadas de internet promovem a pirataria e que não pode ser🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Quando é que estes lobbies acabam?

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Quick guide to HTTP Status codes:

1XX: Wait a sec
2XX: There ya go
3XX: Fuck off
4XX: Fuck you
5XX: Fuck

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When you work remotely, a sick day looks remarkably similar to a normal working day...

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Sometimes I wonder taking stances on things is actually hindering things. After all, if its "legal", who cares right? Big business does it constantly and the public has got psychopathic to point of not giving 1 iota. Why not embrace race to bottom? Society's fucked anyway

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