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The ODROID GO arrived today. So far only tested the emulators, and they kinda work fine. Of course the picture is up-scaled and the sound is annoying, but I have no idea how that compares to the original consoles. Next, I'm going to compile MicroPython for this and see if I can get my games to work on it.

Work from home is great. Unless there happen to be a heavy-duty construction work happening right under your window, because they didn't finish it before you moved in when they built your home.

What does German IBM support staff say when they pick up the phone? Guten ABEND!

We have only about two generations of the general public having access to computers, and about one generation of generally accessible Internet. We have only just begun to figure out how to use those things. The regulations are being introduced slowly following the cultural norms — a lot of them will initially be stupid and misguided, but it's always like that at the beginning. Remember the ridiculous automobile laws? (Not that they are any less ridiculous nowadays, only swinging the other way.)

The PCBs and the LEDs arrived, this evening I will calculate the resistor values and assemble it.

The Hollywood hero faces difficulties, grows, and overcomes them. The end.

The mythological hero, having overcome the difficulties, comes back changed, and reorganizes their community around the new ideas.

I miss the mythological hero in the contemporary works a lot. Even when they are supposedly about revolution, they quietly leave out the hardest part of it all. Even Tolkien, who really should have known better, omits it.

A hero who doesn't come back is not a real hero, it's a villain growing in power.

Modernism was a bunch of smart people who decided to work together on research about how to build things that are beautiful, useful and long-lasting.

Post-modernism is a bunch of whiny artistes complaining how now you need actual work and skill, and can't just put a random thing on a pedestal and call that art.

I didn't know that there are vegetarian spiders.

In case you were wondering why I called it "Kubik", here's the robot with its head attached.

A villain is a hero who didn't succeed.


Elizabeth, saved by the sole of her boot,
Escaped her insensible sister's pursuit;
And if ever hereafter she irritates Ann,
She will tread on a toad if she possibly can.


Elizabeth, leaving her footprint behind,
Continued her flight on the wings of the wind,
And Ann in her anger was heard to arrive
At the toad that was not any longer alive.

She was heard to arrive, for the firmament rang
With the sound of a scream and the noise of a bang,
As her breath on the breezes she broadly bestowed
And fainted away on Elizabeth's toad.


As Into the Garden Elizabeth Ran

by Alfred Edward Housman

As into the garden Elizabeth ran
Pursued by the just indignation of Ann,
She trod on an object that lay in her road,
She trod on an object that looked like a toad.

It looked like a toad, and it looked so because
A toad was the actual object it was;
And after supporting Elizabeth's tread
It looked like a toad that was visibly dead.


And the legs are assembled and attached now. Unfortunately some hot glue is necessary at this stage. Still need to cut the cables and solder them, and center the servos. It's also possible to just plug the servos into male headers, but then I would need to do something with the excess wires, so I decided to just cut them and solder them directly to the PCB for this prototype.

Assembled PCB. I managed to fit almost all parts inside the hole in the battery holder. Some problems with the QFN accelerometer, but after a few tries I soldered it right. Now to prepare the firmware...

The PCBs for the Kubik M0 quadruped spider robot just arrived. Can't wait for the evening to assemble them.

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