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@sargoth Wouldn't that imply that substantial amount of trees are nut trees? Looking around, that doesn't seem to be correct.

I'm not saying you are wrong, I'm just saying you have no way to prove that you are right.

He's a very traditional revolutionary.

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@secstate I think it's back to lisp, unfortunately.

@Otuk is a fork of , they both have a compiler and a Python virtual machine running directly on the microcontroller. You feed it Python source files, and they are compiled and executed directly on the board, without any software on the PC side. It's really amazing how powerful microcontrollers we have, and how much work (not mine) went into the software to make that possible.

This is Kubik M0, a spider robot kit that I am developing that includes all the mechanical parts in its PCB. It's going to be programmed with CircuitPython, and it has a speaker and an accelerometer on board, with an expansion port for more sensors or actuators. I'm pretty happy with the mechanical design so far, but I still need to develop all the software for it.

The most secret of secrets of IT:
1. Everything is done by people who have no idea what they are doing. The people who know awe busy doing things *they* have no idea how to do. Once you learn how to do it, the thing is done and there is no point doing it again, so you move on to new things.
2. There are a lot of things that would be (relatively) easy to do and that would improve the lives of many people tremendously, but nobody has the time to do them, because they are all busy doing hard stuff.

@shadower I know it's learned, and they did learn it too — once you point out that they should use the buttons, they have absolutely no problem with them. I just find it weird that with such a small and strange screen and such pronounced and visible buttons, they still assumed touchscreen would be the default interface.

I'm really shocked at how non-intuitive d-pad buttons are to contemporary children. I had a few of the PewPew consoles lying on the table for them to play, and the first thing they did was always to completely ignore the buttons and instead try to touch the screen — even when the screen is actually just a bunch of LEDs. I guess that's the iPad generation :worried:

@zangetsu_MG Yes, but I have used some tiny mips linux boards before, and I can handle qfn packages with my hot air gun just fine. Also, not really interested in a device that takes 5 minutes to boot and corrupts the filesystem every time you switch it off. Linux really is not ready, I prefer bare metal.

@alan Well, if you rely on your workplace for socializing and friends, then you are pretty much fucked anyways. Do hobbies that are not your work, meet people who are not your coworkers, don't let your employer run your life.

@n The flux pens are super-convenient, if a bit expensive, and you can usually clean them with water. I recently switched to syringes with NC-559-ASM, and that one is cleaned with alcohol or acetone.

@alan Maybe they weren't broke before they got that premium account...

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