The prototype barrette hub is finally assembled, and not a moment too soon, as the deadline is in 2h.

So I have the estimated arrival date for the PCBs, and unfortunately it's on Monday, but still 3h before the deadline, so I might be able to assemble it and shoot the required video with it.
In the mean time, still working on the faceplates and considering just hotgluing a prototype together, without the PCBs.

Three more kits assembled, and two of them go to Tindie (will appear under when they are approved). I'm leaving all the through-hole parts to be soldered by the users.

I will make more of them when I have more parts. They are on order already, but it will take a few weeks for them to arrive.

The PCBs finally arrived and I assembled one in my lunch break. I'm very happy with how it came out, though there could be more room between the direction buttons and the LED matrix — maybe I should make the matrix shifted a bit to the right. I have three more fitting matrices, and I think I will put them for sale as kits on .

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Got a photo from the fab of the first prototype unit they assembled. The rest will be produced soon.

The PewPew games are ordered from a fab already, and I have sent them the firmware and flashing instructions and all that. And today I found a pretty critical bug in it. I fixed it, and I hope I can send it to the factory again, since they hopefully didn't flash it yet, but now with the fix the firmware is 12 bytes too large...

The PCBs are fabricated, and they have sent me a photo. Now just waiting for the shipping.

Fine, I held on for a month. But another late evening, another PCB design, and I figured out why not, I will make a PCB for the large version of PewPew.
Added lanyard holes and two prototyping ideas just in case someone wants a badge for a conference or something...
The back side is completely empty (well, there are the extra pins broken out at the top, like with the original PewPew), so the conference logo and participant's name could be placed there.

This is Kubik M0, a spider robot kit that I am developing that includes all the mechanical parts in its PCB. It's going to be programmed with CircuitPython, and it has a speaker and an accelerometer on board, with an expansion port for more sensors or actuators. I'm pretty happy with the mechanical design so far, but I still need to develop all the software for it.

At the Maker Faire Zürich we always had a couple of kids at our table playing the games, so they might be fun after all. Also, the devices lasted for 2 days on one set of batteries, and despite passing through so many hands and being dropped etc. none of them broke, so I think the design is actually sturdy enough. Next year I will hopefully run a workshop on programming them.

For Maker Faire Zürich this week I decided to try and let people control a MeArm with a PewPew. Got everything connected and the servos move, now to write the code to have them controlled with the buttons...

The pin header on the back fits with the mini-breadboards perfectly!

I'm also experimenting with adding some plastic or wooden parts to the bottom, so that it has a nicer shape and is easier to hold. For now just cutting them by hand, eventually they would be laser-cut.

The battery holders finally arrived, and the prototype is now complete!

So I connected the big matrix to the small PCB with some wires just to test if there would be enough current for it. Works perfectly fine.

Must. Resist. The. Temptation.

Who am I kidding, I'm probably going to build the big version anyways sooner or later, now that I know the matrix is there...

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