My rig for testing SAMD11 programming: j-link, USB socket, and power stolen from a D1 Mini. Wish me luck.

And here it is, assembled and programmed dual analog joystick shield for the D1 Mini, here shown with an OLED shield stacked on top.

The PCBs for the analog version of my X-Pad shield for D1 Mini board arrived while I was away. Initial inspection looks good, I will probably finish it during the weekend.

The ISSI version. That 48-pin QFN chip is pretty tricky to solder right and quite dense to route, but gives 256 levels of brightness per pixel, and is small enough to fit the flash chip under the display now.

And the finished design. I'm still thinking that I should probably be using an ISSI chip in place of the HT16K33, then it could do color shades.

I can't sleep, so I'm making PCBs again. Tried re-making the Standalone game console, but with a bi-color display and a HT16K33 for driving it. Also an optional footprint for flash memory for bigger disk size. Should be fully compatible with the original.

Of course the price would be way more than the current $10 for PewPew, but I have no idea by how much. Probably something like twice that.

I'm preparing slides for my talk about and . So far it's mostly photos of my various prototypes, with a handful of hand-drawn explanations.

In case you are in need to charlieplex a LED display, don't just go in randomly, use this pattern:

The holiday break made me recover enough energy to get out of my drawer a project from over two years ago. It's a model of from Arise, that is supposed to both walk and drive on its wheels. It's all transparent, because it is in its "thermal camouflage" mode.

Looks like I got a 3rd place. Maybe that will give me energy to work on it some more, as it's been a bit hard with motivation recently. Hopefully this plus holidays will help.

I have to say I'm quite happy with this font. It's an old thing that I picked up and improved a little bit again after being inspired by @robey's Tom Thumb.

I recently read Vignelli Canon and realized that digital graphic design tools are completely inadequate for the kind of it describes.
You should start with a grid with a small number of rows and columns, and small but consistent spacing between them, then choose a font size that fits into the grid, and line spacing that fits into the grid spacing. Then you put blocks of text, graphic elements or photos into the grid, sized and aligned to fit it.
The amount of math one needs to do that with CSS...

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