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ꝺꜫꞅh̵Ɪꝕꞟ @deshipu

Pro tip for all NPCs: if you reply the same thing twice to a player, they will leave you alone.

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@deshipu Not necessarrily. They might stay a while and listen.

@deshipu What if I am the type of PC who tries to talk to an NPC 99 more times to insure there is no secret message? :O

@junho Then it's going to be some time before you get past the first village, so we have time to prepare.

@deshipu incorrect, I told a player six times in a row we don't sell lego and she still kept selecting the lego menu option. I had to wait for a smaller player to activate /tantrum before I could be set free.

@Murkrow I think that wasn't a player, just a very badly scripted quest.

@deshipu Niemann-Pick Type C (NPC) disease is a genetic, neurodegenerative disorder which causes progressive deterioration of the nervous system. It usually affects children by interfering with their ability to metabolize cholesterol.

@RayOVac Yeah, that must be the only possible meaning of that acronym, irrespective of any context.