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ꝺꜫꞅh̵Ɪꝕꞟ @deshipu

Remember those days when you could have a guestbook on your website without any kind of filtering or protection whatsoever?

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@deshipu Not really, even as early as 2005 or so, you'd eventually get spam there.

@pony Little enough to delete manually, though. And it would mostly be manually posted too.

@deshipu I sure do. Also, I remember the times when I could have my private mail address on the web and use no spam filter.

@deshipu No, when I implemented my first guestbook/comment thing like 15 years ago, it was botted within a day. :P

@phryk How did you get the link to it out there so fast?

@phryk How did Google know about your server? They didn't scan DNS records and log DNS queries back then.

@deshipu Probably by dumb crawling like they did from 98? But honestly, no clue. I was like 15 years old and not exactly a forensics expert.

My priority at the time was implementing a captcha. :P