Anybody who is afraid of a "robot uprising" has no idea about how much maintenance work is required to keep "fully automated" systems working. Machines are dangerous not because they may one day decide they don't need humans and rebel, but because they focus a lot of human labor in a single button. They hide and focus the work of thousands of people, bringing it under control of a single person.

@deshipu well said. It's not the hypothetical malicious intent of the robots that we should worry about, it's the very real malicious intent of humans *combined* with the force multiplier that robots provide.

@rysiek @deshipu *cue Bill Gates in a mecha suit leading an army of millions of combat drones* ;)

@brion @rysiek Why would he do it personally, when he can pay some politicians to do it for him? And yes, it is happening, literally.

@deshipu @rysiek some villains have a sense of style. ;) billg, of course, is more subtle IRL ;)

This 100%.
I LOVE me a good "earth after humans" sci-fi plot, but IRL basically all of human endeavour currently depends on electricity, the supply of which would shut down in a matter or hours, days at most, without a massive army of humans spread out across the globe continuing to press buttons, haul fuel and do other various continuous maintenance tasks.

@deshipu So basically the artificial artificial intelligence grift?

@deshipu The "robophobes" will say, "But what if the big robots maintain the little ones?"

@deshipu this. I work in industrial automation, and honestly, I am sick of the laypeople accusing me of building skynet.

If anyone is building skynet, it is the Facebook and Google engineers, not my industrial robots that are *bolted to the floor*

@agmlego You don't even need robots or computers to build Skynet. You can man it entirely with humans, and it would work. We've seen quite a number of agencies and organizations getting somewhat detached from their original goals and pursuing power for power sake.

@deshipu Well, sure. But that is not what people mean when they say, "watch out, Amelia is working on Skynet!"

@agmlego The joke is on them, though, because chances are the organization they work for is closer to Skynet than your job.

@deshipu Ayup. Especially since mostly I work with vision systems for quality assurance, metrology, and robot guidance.

@deshipu @agmlego "terminators are cops" hits differently when skynet is capital

@deshipu I'm not afraid of a robot uprising. I'm afraid of a plutocratic/fascist overthrow that uses an engineered "robot uprising" as a cover or a catalyst

@deshipu thnx; your terse and sound argument will be used by me many times the coming weeks.

Oh, so like a fleet of self-driving John Deere agricultural machinery with sharp blades driving off? Or really fast self-driving Teslas driving off? Guess you're right...

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