A *meta trap* is a pattern of behavior which affects toolmakers, where the toolmaker endlessly refines the tools required to do a job rather than doing the job itself. It is a form of procrastination which hides in faux productivity.


@ndpi I don't fully agree. Just like cleaning your room may be done out of procrastination, so can working on your tools and a million other behaviors. But that doesn't mean that they are always procrastination, or that they are bad because they don't bring an immediate measurable advantage.

Working on your tools, improving your technique, picking up a new hobby, meeting interesting people, having heated discussions — they are all things you do to grow. To improve yourself.

@deshipu Yes, agreed. I didn't say that working on tools is never useful, just that it's a way for people to procrastinate.

I'm doing it myself right now, hence why I wrote about it 😉

@ndpi @deshipu Writing about procrastination one is currently engaging in is the highest form of procrastination. ❤️
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