I just got an email from Google letting me know that some passwords I saved in Chrome were leaked in a third party breach.

Luckily, I had changed the passwords for KeePassXC long ago.

Does it mean that Google keeps my passwords in plaintext though?

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@alxd I think it keeps track of your e-mail addresses, those usually accompany the leaked passwords.

@deshipu Yes, but Google Password Manager can show you all your remembered passwords in plaintext. Even if Google stores them encrypted at rest, they have ways of decrypting it on their side :/

@alxd Well, if you specifically ask them to store your passwords... Volenti non fit iniuria.

@deshipu store as in Chrome, not on their servers. I haven't used that feature for over 8 years, but I assumed they'll just have an encrypted blob they'll send to my Chrome when they sync.


@alxd I'm sure they have it covered somewhere in their terms of service.

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