I've had this idea for a while for basically the video game equivalent of Chill Beats To Study To. Mostly because I want to play games with this energy, not that I want to really get into game dev.

It would be called something like The Project. It's a management sim with solar punk aesthetics and chillhop beats, obviously. All the characters are of indeterminate gender. There's no dialog.

At the start, your character's partner hugs them and leaves their shared loft/greenhouse.

The protagonist is working on some lengthy technical project and their partner will be away for… a few weeks? It's rainy. Maybe the project is building or enhancing their community's solar panels or something. There's a mini-game to make progress on this.

There's also a minigame to water and arrange your succulents. And play with your cat (or other pet???). And one to read while the sound track plays.

The game doesn't have a "win", exactly. Each run plays until the partner returns. Maybe you get to see the view outside the window change as you complete stages of The Project? Maybe you get bored/stressed/lonely and sometimes have to go on a walk in the rain and to see the street-level experience of the community. With little evocative, visual suggestions of stories, more than actual narrative.

I feel like Coffee Talk is allllmost the vibe I'm thinking of. But less about stories and more about the feelings.

Also would probably need a few more chill mini-games to sort of round out the "puttering around at home" sort of feeling.

I guess—Last thing on it: I see this game as part of an expression of what could be possible in a different world. Describing one possible shape of a slice of life in a better future. And I would want little implications of that throughout. Like… I don't think it needs to be a treatise on the specific arrangement of such a society. It just needs to paint a general picture and give a feeling.


@benhamill This is a looooong shot, but it seems that mechanically it would be like This War of Mine, except literally everything in the setting would be the opposite of that.

@deshipu Oh interesting. Kinda, yeah. I was thinking more mini-game about the tasks and less managing a crew of people, but you imply some interesting parallels, for sure.

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