Someone recently noted that, paraphrasing, books are better than the Internet, because in books you don't have ads. This got me thinking a little bit, and I quickly arrived at an inevitable conclusion: most of what we see on the Internet, especially the social media, are not the equivalent of books — they are the equivalent of trashy color magazines. And of course you have ads in there! But there are also book equivalents online. Like, for example, literal books that you can download. Or documentation.

Are there really people not using adblockers out there in the wild?

@deshipu Social media give you the feeling of learning or being informed, but you don't actually learn anything useful.

@deshipu Once I also noticed that I have never met ads (I mostly mean product placement) in books. It seems that a books is a bad ad space :)
If someone has met product placement in books, please tell me about such examples.

@VGM There is also stuff like the Black Library, which arguably is one huge product placement. And stuff like Disney or Barbie themed books for children.

@VGM To me it's horrific, I'm glad it didn't catch on.

@deshipu Well, I think, books are not something holy. I mean it's not the serious problem that some publishers and authors spoil their books with ads. It's more important that such things would not appear in sciense literature)

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