I had some left-over switches from the keyboard, so I made a FeatherWing (a shield for the Adafruit Feather boards) with three keys — since the Feather boards can emulate HID device, you could use that to make some macro mini-keyboard for yourself.


You know, something like this has actual real-world applications.

If you're switching between multiple computers with a KVM switch and one of them is playing music, a 3-5-key keyboard plugged into that compuer that sends media player key sequences could be used to control the audio player without switching back.

@suetanvil Sure, that is one possibility. Another is to write a little bit more complex firmware and make use of chording, modes, different press lengths, etc. to have a lot of different functions on it (the RGB LEDs can be used to indicate modes). Or you know, just forget about USB and HID, and use it as regular buttons in your project.

@deshipu Have you shared the design of that? For folks like me who havent really designed our own boards but would like to get into it, this seems like a really cool idea.

@endomain I still need to clean up the schematic, and fix the footprint (the holes for the switches were too small and had to be enlarged), but I will share it for sure. It's made in Fritzing, by the way.

All files will be available at

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