"Wait," said the alien, "I have heard this story before."
The human paused. "Oh, maybe I have told it-"
"How can this be? A story is given, from teller to listener."
"How can you still have this story?"
"Oh! Humans do not lose a story once it is told. We share."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

FWIW, I share my stories freely, while simultaneously claiming copyright and ownership of what I create.

@MicroSFF @deshipu Attribution is simply good manners. While by "copyright" people often mean the right to prohibit the dissemination (conditionally).

There are a few different issues bundled up into the copyright concept:
1. Attribution and assertion of authorship
2. Control of distribution (e.g. if I got sufficiently upset with Twitter, I might want to boycott it, and would not want people to crosspost the from here)
3. Control of monetisation (e.g. someone like ThreadReaderApp tries to earn money from what I have created without my consent, or without offering me payment)



@MicroSFF @amiloradovsky TBH the whole idea of giving the first person who came up with certain information control over it — as if it was a physical object — is slightly problematic. Is every musician making a pause infringing on Cage's 44'33"? Is an independent discovery of a patented thing an infringement? What if you were inspired by some existing work without realizing you were?
I find the preoccupation of our culture with "firsts" a bit weird.

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