I see a lot of recruiters saying "we didn't hire that person, and they had a huge success in a different company, we should have hired them". Which is all kinds of wrong.
It's not like success is something that's hidden inside a person that you can somehow detect while sifting through thousands of candidates, discarding the ones that don't have it.
Success is all about the chances that person has been given, the motivation, the teamwork, the mentoring, the trust, the resources — not some hidden talent.

Had you hired that person and made them work in your open space, distracted by office politics, given responsibilities but no power, no opportunities to grow and a bad manager, they would do as bad as the person you hired in their place.

@deshipu it's kind of like great sex that way.

It's not about the one person, but rather the combination of two or more people which makes great sex.

If you fit, and figure it out together it will be fantastic, if you don't, not so much.

@maloki I agree that it's like a lot of other team activities, but I'm not sure I would pick sex as the most similar one.

@maloki At least most of the time the teams are relatively small...

@deshipu I've had great performance and dismal performance all at ONE EMPLOYER because they changed stuff around from what was working to what was, well. Not working.

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