There is only so much you can do as a single person. To tackle any bigger project, you need to work as a team. However, then there are two problems:

1. You are not building the thing you want and the way you want — because you have to compromise to agree with the other team members about what you are building.

2. Even when you happen to be building the thing you want, everybody else is doing everything wrong — you would have done it differently and surely much better.

How do you cope with that?

@deshipu Unless it's for-profit, don't work on bigger projects. :P

Or spend shitload of time to work on a big project alone.

@Sadale At some point only the big projects are left that are worth doing. And I don't have the attention span and a head large enough to fit them in there all at once.

Sometimes I can split them into smaller parts and work on those one at a time, but it's not always possible, and it does take a lot of time.

Besides, working together on something is fun, so it would be nice to be able to do it more. I'm just so bad at it.

@deshipu I think something like"disagree and commit" decision making is important. Allow disagreements to be explicitly voiced before moving on, without derailing there team. A sort of project log of how it could have been.

But I agree that very little that's important gets mad by individuals. Especially if it's usefulness out lives that I've person.

@deshipu i used to struggle with this a lot. i think part of the trade-off of a team is that not everything will be done the way you would have done it. if you get motivated people who share the same goal, the advantage (productivity) is worth it.

if you get a good team together, sometimes they will think of a *better* way than your idea, for some piece of the project, and it's even better.

there are also social aspects to a team that are *much more important* than we reclusive nerds wish

@robey I was afraid it will come down to listening to other people and admitting I'm wrong ;-)

@deshipu @robey yeah a full pro team might do things differently but it doesn't matter if the big project matters and this moves the project forward. Sms as you say, big projects matter so teams matter.

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