You like electronics, but you only use ready modules and breadboards because you hate soldering and your soldering always looks bad?

That is most likely because you don't use flux! No, it's not optional. No, the flux inside your soldering wire is not enough. Get yourself a flux pen or some colophony or rosin paste, and use it, and you will *love* soldering!

(Just make sure to work in a well-ventilated workspace, flux vapors tend to be bad for you.)

@deshipu additionally get a good solder and a good iron with the right tip for the job tbh. and set it to the right temperature.

@piggo sure, that helps because it makes the flux not evaporate so fast, but honestly, if you have enough flux, you can solder with a hot nail

@deshipu you have a point, just saying everything plays a role. also many beginners don't know of copper wick

@piggo To be honest I never figured out how to use the copper wick properly. It always gets stuck in there or doesn't actually wick anything. I just shake it to get rid of excess solder...

@deshipu I use it a lot for things like fixing up lqfp solder bridges. you just put it on top and heat through, flux helps again

*orders flux pen off ebay for 99p*
Happy now?
(I've avoided soldering / got grumpy it looks bad for years...)

@M0YNG I hope it will help! Do let me know how it worked for you.

@deshipu Just a note here: If your flux doesn't have "NO CLEAN" written on it explicitly you should wash it off with a solvent after you're done soldering (read which one, Acetone works for most).

Otherwise you might end up with corroded copper on your PCB.

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