Dear web x.0 (I lost count) websites,

the fact that you geolocated my IP address as registered in a certain country does not mean that I speak that country's language. I have configured my browser to send to you the list of languages I speak (in order of preference) in every fucking request, so kindly please use that.

Sincerely, yours,

@deshipu They sometimes geolocate me in Russia because my provider's IPs are recent acquisition ones, and that's REALLY horrible because I don't usually find the language button because i don't know Russian (yet)... ugh

@deshipu also my browser sends the Accept-Language header for a reason (yes, I have 4 languages setup in order of preference and two of them are English!). #webdesign

@deshipu @algernon Google started this shit back in the day. I’m curious… do developers who build such an anti-feature never go on vacation abroad?

@chucker @deshipu I don't think it's the developers, rather, higher ups, who made them implement these things. They do go on vacation, but have their assistants handle All The Boring Things, so they never notice the effect of their super smart idea.


@deshipu yeah that drives me crazy. Worse when it caches the redirect when you get back...

@deshipu during web 1.0, when I've made my first (yet not the ugliest, but I digress) website, there used to be a postmaster@<anywhere> to whom you could`ve complain to.
But that doesn't scale.

@deshipu this. Fuck websites rhat prefer geoip over user's preferences.

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